Chevy Repair in Beaverton, OR

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Chevrolet is the All-American car company. Even so, eventually you will need to seek a Chevy repair shop when things go wrong. Over the years, some common problems have shown up in Chevy vehicles.

Intake Manifold Gasket

General Motor’s design has some inherent flaws that affect Chevy vehicles and cause breakdowns. One of the manufacturing materials for the intake manifold gasket is plastic. This eventually leads leaks in the coolant system. Some problems arising from the leaks are overheating, battery damage, and poor performance. Replacement is imminent, and you should choose a dealer-quality Chevy repair shop for servicing.

Fuel System

When running on a near empty gas tank becomes the habit rather than the exception, Chevys do not perform properly. The fuel level sensor may begin reading incorrectly. In addition, the fuel filter clogs causing the fuel pump to make noise and soon wear out. To remedy this, you should always be aware of your fuel level. Plan to fill up before you hit the half tank mark.

Electrical Problems

When it comes to common Chevy repair, electrical problems of all types top the list. Many reports of everything from Daytime Running Light malfunctions to the radio display lights going out send Chevy owners to repair shops on a regular basis. For some owners, the Anti-lock braking sensors fail. With any electrical issue, you will need to consult a professional.

Chevy owners love their vehicles. That is why our ASE-certified technicians undergo special training to perform Chevy repairs at the dealership level. Come see us at Good Neighbor Tire in Beaverton, and get your Chevy back on the road sooner.