DEQ Testing in Beaverton, OR

Keep Beaverton's Air Clean! -- Good Neighbor Tire & Auto Service

Pollution is a problem, but it shouldn’t be a problem for your vehicle. If you feel as if your car is polluting more than it should be, Good Neighbor Tire is the place to leave your vehicle for a DEQ test. DEQ testing is important for your vehicle, and something that should be taken care of to maintain a healthy car. Even if you aren’t completely sure your car needs a smog check, bring it in anyway for a consultation and the technicians here at Good Neighbor Tire will let you know!

The greatest thing about Good Neighbor Tire is that were trustworthy, and loyal. Our service to you is important, and we want the trust between us and you to be high. We have already established great clientele with our regulars, and we have no doubts that you will be added to that list of clients. Not only will our service and affordable prices keep you coming back, but also the relationship we care to build.

Good Neighbor Tire is always improving, and your DEQ testing is what you will need to improve your vehicle!