Dodge Repair in Beaverton, OR

The Dodge Service Pros -- Good Neighbor Tire & Auto Service

Have you ever had an issue with a Dodge repair shop? Did you feel a bit like someone they didn’t want to see as they were too busy to answer a few simple questions? If you’ve ever had this experience here in Beaverton those of us at Good Neighbor Tire think that’s a real shame. Serving you, our customers in Beaverton, is our priority. We’re here to answer all your questions and address your concerns while we repair your Dodge. We know that your Dodge can be more than just a car, it can be a part of your family!

What makes us so well qualified to perform Dodge repair services? Our computer diagnostic equipment is top notch and constantly updated, we have access to the best OEM quality parts, our staff are well trained, experienced and able to perform great repairs while our wait times are minimal. These are all of the things that are needed to be a great Dodge repair shop, and we certainly have them here at Good Neighbor Tire. Why settle for less when we’ve got it all?

Is your Dodge part of the family? We get that. Bring it into our shop where our tight knit work family of technicians and support staff are ready to repair your Dodge and get it back to you quickly. We know how tough it can be to not have your car. We have a great community here in Beaverton but getting around it in good time takes a car. We live here along with you and know this to be true, we’ll always strive to help you, our neighbors, get your Dodge repair work done quickly.