Ford Repair in Beaverton, OR

Expert Ford Service -- Good Neighbor Tire & Auto Service

It’s only right that our shop specializes in Ford. As a leading brand in the industry, Good Neighbor Tire makes it a priority to know everything there is to know about the beloved Ford. Since 2001 we have been serving our Ford customers in a loyal partnership and guaranteeing excellent service and thorough repairs. Over the years we developed and molded our technicians to have the skill set and knowledge to repair Fords, while also providing impeccable customer service.

Although Ford is known to be one of the best automotive brands in the industry, there will still be times of repair and maintenance. If you take pride in your Ford, we want you to take pride in the shop you choose as well. We will strive to give you nothing less than excellent. Your opinion and feedback matters to us!

The community here in Beaverton loves Good Neighbor Tire, and we want you to love us too! Call and make an appointment at any time, and we will have your Ford up and driving in no time.