Oil Change in Beaverton, OR

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Do you remember when you last had an oil change? No? It should happen, on average, every 3,000 miles. Take a look at your odometer, if it is past a multiple of 3,000 and you haven’t done an oil change lately it may be time to head to Good Neighbor Tire of Beaverton right away. Neglecting an oil change is just asking for trouble as your car can develop a number of problems caused by friction between moving parts. Left long enough and you can experience engine failure that will permanently damage your car.

If you come to Good Neighbor Tire of Beaverton and ask for an oil change, one of our trained technicians will select the correct viscosity of oil for your car. This depends on the age, mileage and recommendation of the manufacturer. A handy book to have in your car at all times is the owner’s manual. There is all kinds of great information in here about your car. It also offers a location for you to track oil changes. Tracking when you have oil changes helps make sure you don’t miss one.

Why is it important to have an oil change when your car is working fine? Because as oil ages outside contaminants get into it. This can include gasoline, dirt and little pieces of metal. You can imagine that none of these are good for lubrication. An oil change removes these harmful particles from your engine’s system and replaces it with new, fresh oil. To keep your car in good repair and on the roads of Beaverton for many years to come, stop by Good Neighbor Tire today.