Volkswagen Repair in Beaverton, OR

Beaverton's VW Service Specialists -- Good Neighbor Tire & Auto Service

Here at Good Neighbor Tire in Beaverton, we like to think of ourselves as a home for quality Volkswagen repair and maintenance. We aim to provide this service to our customers, new and old alike, through our use of state of the art computer diagnostic equipment, factory quality parts and use of our extensive knowledge. All three of these factors coming together makes for a high quality of service every time a Volkswagen repair job comes our way.

No matter what model you bring in, we can work on it. Some of our technicians have been working on Beetles since before they were retro! We can handle you newer Passat, Jetta, CC, Touareg, GTI or new Beetle with ease. These well designed cars have maintained a certain standard of excellence over the years. At Good Neighbor Auto Service, we admire this achievement and seek to be a company that helps these cars reach their maximum potential for their entire lifespan, a lifespan which may surprise you if you allow us the chance to work on your car when it needs it.

Contact us today to let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. We can work with you to find a time that is most convenient for your next Volkswagen repair or maintenance visit. Get a hold of us at Good Neighbor Tire and see why we’re considered a home for quality Volkswagen repair in Beaverton.